The Four Year Interior Design Program of The PSID-Ahlen Institute

For more than (50) fifty years, the Philippine School of Interior Design has been prioritizing excellence in interior design education and as far as a valid program of study is concerned, PSID scores two for two. One, in the employability of its interior design graduates and two, in the school’s performance in the National Board Exams in Interior Design.

The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), established in 1967 in Pasong Tamo, Makati, is among the country’s most established names in interior design education. It has been awarding basic and advanced certificates in interior design for decades.

In 2011, the PSID management realized the need to offer a four-year Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design and decided to open the PSID-Ahlen Institute, which would serve as the college arm. PSID-Ahlen Institute began its operation in 2013 under the guidelines and policies of the Commission on Higher Education and received full recognition (government recognition 046, series 2016) last year.

Prior to that, PSID entered into a consortium agreement in 1995 with a Manila-based college known for its programs in design and arts. The partner school provided the general education courses while PSID offered the major courses in interior design leading to a degree in interior design, which would render graduates eligible for the licensure exam.

With the advent of PSID-Ahlen Institute, all courses are under one school. The original PSID program is the bedrock of PSID-Ahlen Institute. It is backed by PSID’s nearly 50 years of experience and legacy of design excellence. PSID-Ahlen Institute academic head Victor Ruel “Jie” Pambid shares, “Ahlen Institute builds from what PSID has already started and we’re banking on the notion that excellence is hereditary. Ahlen Institute recognizes the heritage that PSID has built and will continue from there.”

Classes are held at the same campus, now in Fort Bonifacio, with equivalent courses. The same set of faculty teaches the professional interior design subjects. According to PSID- Ahlen chairman Rosario Cancio-Yujuico, “The key strength of PSID-Ahlen Institute is its faculty. It is composed of practitioners who are able to bridge the academe and the industry. They infuse their teachings with best practices and the latest trends in the industry.”

A unique feature of PSID-Ahlen Institute is that BS Interior Design is the sole program. Studies are highly specialized and are geared towards students becoming licensed professionals from day one. Students are surrounded with like-minded individuals who are committed to the pursuit of interior design and are taught by the best in the business. PSID-AI professors are all practicing professionals, licensed and are holders of Master’s Degrees.

This being the case, the institutes’ curriculum allows PSID-AI graduates to be equipped with the necessary tools needed to establish their own practice, become their own bosses in their own interior design firms and be the leaders in the industry. This is not more evident than in the strong presence of PSID-AI alumni in the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, the professional organization. The testament continues with PSID-AI graduates figuring prominently in the media as well. PSID-AI graduates’ works are published in interior design magazines, they are interviewed in interior design oriented television programs and they are invited as speakers and resource persons in interior design seminars and conferences both locally and abroad – a shining testament to the training that they have receives in their alma mater.

PSID consistently lands students in the top 10 of the interior design licensure exam with PSID-Ahlen Institute academic head Jie Pambid being the school’s first graduate to attain first place. He was succeeded by Michael Pizarro, Margarita Colet, Rossette O. Yabut, Candice M. Arboleda, and Irene Kathleen Dee-Dee just last year.

In 2015, PSID nabbed the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 10th places with Nicole Angelica Fernandez Tan, Rhia Cano Flordeliza, Kimberly Co Tan and Aric Nathaniel Chua Co, respectively. In October 2016, PSID captured the top spots with Irene Dee in first and Hazel Ann Ling Tan ranking second. And, the recent addition to this prestigious roster is Kirk Cedrick Moaje who topped the board exams in 2018 and in the same year, Emmanuel Bernard Olivar placed 9th The Philippine School of Interior Design-Ahlen Institute is located at 30 Bayani Road, AFPOVAI, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. For inquiries please call 478-2499 or 401-0670.

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Jie Pambid, MID, FPIID
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Warmest regards,
IDr. Carolyn Pena-Santos, CIDE, MAFAD
Dean of Students